split system air conditioning penrith

Split System Air Conditioning Penrith

Do you need tested-and-proven experts who can deliver quality service for split system air conditioning in Penrith? Look no further because Altac Air Conditioning has the specialists you want.

What do we do during split system air conditioning service?

  • > Check gas charge, pipe work and pipe insulation for damage and refrigerant leaks
  • > We check fan motors, bearing and belts for damage and wear or unusual noises and vibrations
  • > Clean and check return filters for wear and tear
  • > Our team also checks compressor, sump heater and components
  • > We will also check ductwork (on ducted systems)
  • > Check evaporator and condenser coils
  • > Inspect wiring, connections, PC boards controllers, remote controls and sensors
  • > Remove and clean general debris from within systems

So for a thorough split system air conditioning service Penrith can bank on, call Altac Air Conditioning.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Penrith

Do you need services for ducted and reverse cycle air conditioning in Penrith? If so, then Altac Air Conditioning is the one to call. And if you can’t decide whether to get both systems or which one suits you best, our team will be there to advise.

If you want to enjoy localised cooling or heating in your home or workspace, then a split air conditioning system is ideal, like a Fujitsu split system air conditioning. This option offers a more flexible way to heat or cool your chosen space and allows for temperature regulation in one or more specific spaces as desired. Ducted systems, like a reverse cycle air conditioning system, are a great choice for anyone who wishes to heat or cool an entire home or workspace and is a cost-effective way to enjoy your preferred climate. There is also the added option of installing moderate multi-zone temperature control. You can also choose to have a reverse cycle split system air conditioner. Just chat with our team if you’d like more information on this.

For quality reverse cycle split system air conditioner in Penrith, Altac Air Conditioning Pty Ltd is the perfect choice for affordability and reliability. We provide a range of split and ducted systems for our customers throughout Penrith and the surrounding areas, including Blue Mountains, St Marys, Glenmore Park, Sydney and Blacktown.

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