air conditioning repairs penrith

Air Conditioning Repairs Penrith

If you are looking for reliable air conditioning repairs in Penrith, Altac Air Conditioning is the one to call. Manufacturers recommend split systems and ducted air conditioning systems be serviced by a professional at least every 12 months and possibly more often for systems that are used regularly. Much like the family car needs scheduled maintenance, so does your air conditioning system. With that, you can trust our team of experts to deliver great results.

Possible benefits of regular air conditioner servicing include:

  • > System will run more efficiently
  • > Reduced running costs
  • > Prevention of a reduction in performance
  • > Improved air quality within the home or office
  • > Reduced risk of water leaks damaging interior walls, ceilings, and furniture
  • > Improved longevity of air conditioning equipment

Air Conditioning Repair

Ensure you get experts from Altac Air Conditioning for your air conditioning repairs in Penrith. Our air conditioner repair service and home aircon service are performed by licenced and highly-skilled technicians.

An air conditioning system that is not properly maintained by professionals becomes a haven for mould, bacteria, insects, and rodents, all of which not only damage your air conditioner but reduce the air quality in your home. This kind of poor air quality can aggravate asthma, eczema, and cause allergies.

If you have not had your air conditioner serviced in quite a while, or for those really tough jobs where there is mould or build-up, ask about a specialised product we can provide called Aerisguard, which is endorsed by the Asthma Foundation.

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