Air Conditioning Maintenance Penrith

Air Conditioning Maintenance Penrith

For dependable air condition maintenance Penrith have come to rely on, call Altac Air Conditioning.

Air conditioner maintenance is vital! Commercial systems usually require more regular maintenance as they are operating more often than home systems. We can arrange monthly, quarterly, or twice-yearly plans tailored to suit any office needs.

Tip! It is also important to remove return air filters for cleaning at least once a month during times of use. This can be done by vacuuming or washing the filter and allowing it to dry before re-fitting. If the filter becomes thin, it is important to have it replaced to prevent dust from passing through and into the air conditioner. As part of our home air conditioning service, we can arrange to fit a new filter for you or simply call us to have a replacement posted out.

Air Conditioning Service

For business or residential aircon service, we do the following:

  • > Check gas charge, pipe work and pipe insulation for damage and refrigerant leaks
  • > We check fan motors, bearing and belts for damage and wear or unusual noises and vibrations
  • > Clean and check return filters for wear and tear
  • > Our team also checks compressor, sump heater and components
  • > We will also check ductwork (on ducted systems)
  • > Check evaporator and condenser coils
  • > Inspect wiring, connections, PC boards controllers, remote controls and sensors
  • > Remove and clean general debris from within systems

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